International Noise Conference 2004


Thursday February 19th 2004
Curator Rat Bastard
Dopee Francisco (Miami, Florida)
Laundry Room Squelchers (Miami Beach, Florida)
Cube & Sphere (Miami, Florida)
Doersam (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Life In The So-Called Space Age (West Palm Beach, Florida)
Alex Diaz (Miami, Florida)
Rene Barge (Miami, Florida)

Friday February 20th 2004
Curators Ian & Todd Lynne
Hepatitis Youth (Tampa, Florida)
Superstar Policecar (Tampa, Florida)
Travis Morgan (Tampa, Florida)
YUKhONIC (Tampa, Florida)
Rosemary Malign (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Newton (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Watersports (New York, New York)
Russian Tsarcasm (Tampa, Florida)
Byron House (Tampa, Florida)
What’s Yr Damage? (Orlando, Florida)

Saturday February 21st 2004
Curator Rat Bastard
Lotus (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
E.N. (Tampa, Florida)
Fancy & Stink (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
New Flesh (Baltimore, Maryland)
Temple of Bon Matin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Leslie Q (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
16 Bitch Pile-Up (Columbus, Ohio)
Experimental Lovers (New York, New York)
Asthmatic (Rochester, New York)
Irene Moon (Lexington, Kentucky)
Taiwan Deth (Nashville, Tennessee)
Madame Chao (New York, New York)
Insect Deli (Chicago, Illinois)
Roesing Ape (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Sword Heaven (Columbus Ohio)
Black Fives (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Needle (Miami, Florida)

@ Churchill’sMiami, Florida

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