Unicorn Hard-On

Unicorn Hard-On Talks INC 2013 and Learning “How to Squelch Without Getting Hurt”

Valerie Martino epitomizes the present-day dichotomy of the eclectic and experimental subset of music known simply as noise. Martino is a primary agitator in the scene’s gradual (and then exponential) embrace of electronic dance music spanning from cold wave and industrial to minimal techno and acid house. In fact, as Unicorn Hard-On, she was one […]

International Noise Conference Pre-Show with Jiblit Dupree, Gem of Skin, Twilight Memories of the Three Suns, Dylan Tietze and others

If there’s one thing the age of YouTube has made perfectly clear, it’s that there’s nothing, short of meat-and-potatoes entertainment, that can’t be expressed pretty effectively in under 15 minutes, and for free. The noiseniks behind the yearly INC in Miami – aka 72 hours of punishing madness – have known this all along; “free” […]

GUTTER: Girls of Noise

International Noise Conference 2008

Some of the most eccentric (and deafening) musicians from around the US and beyond performed this February at the 5th annual International Noise Conference in Little Haiti, Miami, FL. Organized by a Miami musician and promoter who goes by the name “Rat Bastard,” the conference is a meeting place for a tight-knit group of experimental […]