International Noise Conference 2008

FEBRUARY 14th Thu – 15th Fri – 16th Sat
5501 NE 2nd AVE

this event is Free / No Cover for all 3 nights

Pre INC shows
Curator Ironing
13 FEB 08 – ORLANDO 
Curator Dustin Ransom (Praewjik)
Post INC shows
17 FEB 08 – TAMPA 
Curator Todd Lynne
Curator Justin Waters (Black Castle / Le Chateau Noir)

Thursday February 14th 2008
- Laundry Room Squelchers   (Miami Beach)
Dino Felipe
Twink Bully  (Columbus OH)
Ha Ha Help  (Miami)
- God Willing   (Nashville)
Newton  (Philadelphia)
$ugar $hock 
Depraved Heart Crime Lauderdale)
Dot Dot Dot Orchestra  (Fort Lauderdale)
WetCement   (Philadelphia)
Doersam  (Fort Lauderdale)
Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn  
(West Palm Beach)
Sasha Weisfeld
- Luciano Guidini  (Miami)
Peasants With Feathers   (Miami)
Trifling Hoe (Fort Lauderdale)
Co-ed Cokehead  (Melbourne FL)
Mad Holy Cow Disease  (Fort Lauderdale)
The Adjective Noun Lauderdale)
Dave Smolen

Beach Party Friday 2pm to 6pm @ Macs Club Deuce 
Macs Club Deuce opened in 1926, yet the Deuce remains unchanged:
it is the only bar that offers an eleven-hour happy hour. Drinks come  2-for-1  from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day.
Located at 14 Street (between Washington & Collins) Miami Beach.

Friday February 15th 2008 Curator Todd Lynne  
- What’s Yr Damage? 
(Orlando FL)
Earth Crown 
(New Brunswick NJ)
- Shirts vs. Skinheads
(West Palm Beach FL)
- Human Adult Band  (New Brunswick NJ)
- Mercy Light  (Providence RI)
- Lazy Magnet ( (Providence RI)
- Skeleton Warrior (Sarasota)
- Soft Creatures 
(Oakland CA)
- Byron House (Tampa FL)
- The Oals 
(Tampa FL)
- Then and Than (Tampa FL)
D.B.H.  (Bloomington,IN)
- Kites 
(Providence RI)
- Bone Rattle (Boston,MA)
- Oubliette  (Clyo GA)
- Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples 
(Tampa FL)
- Honed Bastion   (Portland OR)
- Pharoah Faucett  (Sarasota,FL)
- Secret Abuse 
(Iowa City IO)
- Wet Hair (Iowa City IO)
- Nimby  (Iowa City IO)
- Cell Block    (Oakland,CA)
- Ant Parade  
(Tampa FL)
- Problem?  (Oakland,CA)
- Rock Band  
(Savannah GA)
- S2K   (Tampa FL)
- Andros Rex / Blonde God   (Tampa FL)
(Tampa FL)
- Robin Williams on Fire  (San Fransico,CA)
- The Bread Bitches 

Saturday February 16th 2008

- 5 Year INC Anniversary Ensemble
- Ni9er 
(Miami Beach)
- Nondor Nevai 
(New York)
- Sword Heaven  (Columbus OH)
Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Device  (Sydney Australia)
- Right Arm Severed   (Madison WI)
- This is My Condition & Dan Kozak
   (Lawrence KS)
- Leslie Keffer  (Nashville)
- Unicorn Hard-on (Providence RI)
- Mouth Pet(Nashville)
- Darker Florida
(Tallahassee FL)
- Kevin Shields
(Burbank CA)
- Pod Blotz  (Oakland CA)
- Blue Shift   (Providence)
- Naomi Elizabeth   (San Diego CA)
- Gay Bomb 
(Charleston SC)
- Graham Moore 
(Atlanta GA)
- Rotten Milk vs. Bubblegum Shitface
Twilight Memories of the Three Suns 
(Washington DC)
- Super Pizza Party 
(Jacksonville FL)
- Sanguine Vessel
- Hal Mcgee  (Gainesville FL)
- Ironing 
(Gainesville FL)
- Loop Retard  (Madison WI)
- Head Molt 
(Hampton VA)
Douglas Ferguson  (Austin TX)
Rage Against the Cage (Columbus OH)
XDUGEF  (Los Angeles CA)
Face Place  (Columbus OH)
Zapatas de Gringos
(Tampa FL)
- Kristin Calvarese 
-Social Junk  (Huntington WV)
- Radio Shock 
(New York City)
(Providence RI)
- NASA  
(Orlando FL)
- Mugu Guymen
-Venison Whirled 
(Austin TX)
- Ryan Jewell
 (Columbus OH)
- Wasteland Jazz Unit 
(Cincinnati OH)
Child Bride
Part Dog  
(Olympia WA)
- Narwhals VA)
Father Figure  (Nashville)
- Small Pox
(Charleston SC)
- Drums Like Machine Guns
- Pentothal® 
(Paris France)
- Necking   
Big Nurse
  (Nashville TN)
Peter Moran  (Los Angeles)
Kyle H Mabson  
(Los Angeles CA)
Them Natives
   (Birmingham AL)
The Billfolds
(Tampa FL)
Lissajou! (Jacksonville FL)
(Cincinnati OH)
Dick Neff
(Atlanta GA)

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