Clang Quartet

Clang Quartet Talks INC 2013 and Harsh Christian Noise: “I Am a Follower of The Crucified and Resurrected Christ”

Noise music is riddled with freaks. Just like the circus, urban downtowns, and Ultra Music Festival right as the clock strikes fuck-a-tree-o’clock – this envelope pushing, challenging, and potentially full-of-shit genre is a straight up 24/7 weirdo convention. But out of all the beardos, hippies, art crusties, masked perverts, LARPers, Burning Man types, people from […]

International Noise Conference Pre-Show with Jiblit Dupree, Gem of Skin, Twilight Memories of the Three Suns, Dylan Tietze and others

If there’s one thing the age of YouTube has made perfectly clear, it’s that there’s nothing, short of meat-and-potatoes entertainment, that can’t be expressed pretty effectively in under 15 minutes, and for free. The noiseniks behind the yearly INC in Miami – aka 72 hours of punishing madness – have known this all along; “free” […]