International Noise Conference 2005


Thursday February 17th 2005
Curator Rat Bastard
Laundry Room Squelchers & 16 Bitch Pile-Up (Miami, Florida & Columbus, Ohio)
Right Arm Severed (Madison, Wisconsin)
God Willing (Providence, Rhode Island)
Realicide (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Noumena (Columbus, Ohio)
Full Medicine Cabinet (Boca Raton, Florida)
Power Insane (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Danny L (Miami, Florida)
Alex Diaz (Miami, Florida)
Bobby Vomit (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Bob Dreher Trio (New Hampshire)
E.L.E Rival Circuit (Miami, Florida)
Rene Barge (Miami, Florida)

Dopee Francisco (Outside Patio)

Friday February 18th 2005
Curator Todd Lynne
Puke Attack (Charleston, South Carolina)
Dead/Bird (Portland, Oregon)
Byron House (Tampa, Florida)
Turmoiled Functions (Tampa, Florida)
What’s YR Damage? (Orlando, Florida)
Skeleton Warrior (Orlando, Florida)
LimpLungs (Tampa, Florida)
Then and Than (Tampa, Florida)
Skinny Winners (Tampa, Florida)
The Oals (Tampa, Florida)
New Flesh (Baltimore, Maryland)
Dream House (Boston, Massachusetts)
Downtown Archaeologist (New Bedford, Massachusetts)
Impractical Cockpit (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Heart2Heart (Providence, Rhode Island)
Crotch Council (Bloomington, Indiana)
Smut (Bloomington, Indiana)
Pairs (Tampa, Florida)
Paul Westervelt (Orlando, Florida)

Spooky Kat – Art & Music & Blood (Gallery Space)
by Antonia of LRS

Contorted Local Rock Bands (Outside Patio)
The Hooples
The Fun
Creepy T’s
Sayonara Tokyo

Saturday February 19th 2005
Curator Rat Bastard
R.L. Stein (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Otto Von Schirach + Doormouse + Bobb  (Miami, Florida)
Needle (Miami, Florida)
Taiwan Deth (Nashville, Tennessee)
Finkbeiner (Rochester, New York)
The Curious Hair (Miami, Florida)
The Suck (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Ova! (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Temple of Bon Matin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Occasional Detroit (Detroit, Michighan)
Kites (Providence, Rhode Island)
Fas’ners (Tampa, Florida)
Mouth Pet (Nashville, Tennessee)
Unicorn Hard-On (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Leslie Keffer (Athens, Ohio)
Deaf & Dumb (Columbus, Ohio)
Iovae (Cincinnati , Ohio)
Haves & Thirds (Tampa, Florida)
Newton (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Ren Schopield (Providence, Rhode Island)

Circuit Bender Mart & Performances (Outside Patio)
“redesigned music toys & home made noise gear”

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