Pre INC: Gainesville 2013 / Action Research #100

Action Research 100

Tuesday February 5th 2013
Curator Andrew Chadwick

Ironing (Gainesville, Florida)
Bang! Bros. (Boston, Massachusetts)
Newton (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Nows (Atlanta, Georgia)
Horaflora (Oakland, California)
Normal Dubb (Atlanta, Georgia)
Embarker (Brooklyn, New York)
Scott Stapp (Boston, Massachusetts)
Pvre Matrix (Brooklyn, New York)
Pony Payroll Bones (Atlanta, Georgia)
Radio Shock (Brooklyn, New York)
Jenny Moon Tucker (Atlanta, Georgia)
Jiblit Dupree (Polk City,Florida)
Michael Collins (Gainesville,Florida)
Jill Burton (Gainesville,Florida)
Pathetic Sex (Gainesville,Florida)
Cool Person (Gainesville,Florida)
Frog (Gainesville, Florida)

@ Display & the Civic Media CenterGainesville, Florida

Action Research #100 times

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