Haves & Thirds

Haves & Thirds’ Todd Lynne Talks INC 2013 and Tampa Noise: “We Were Total Hermits”

Todd Lynne is a man who speaks softly, and carries a big stick. Only instead of a two-by-four or tree branch, Lynne wields a huge bag of noisy tricks. For more than a decade, he has been a devoted, prolific participant in and leader of Central and Gulf Coast Florida’s respective noise music scenes. He […]

Noise in Miami 2005

Uploaded by kombatrock Montage of scenes from the International Noise Conference Febuary 2005. Recorded @ Churchill’s, Little Haiti, Miami, Florida. featuring Crotch Council, Traffic Pattern, Dream House, Smut, Newton, Haves & Thirds, the Oals, Byron House, What’s YR Damage? and other shit…