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Mecca Normal’s Jean Smith Talks to Herself About INC 2013, Threeways With Rat Bastard

In 1984, poet Jean Smith teamed up with guitarist David Lester to form the feminist indie rock duo, Mecca Normal. A few years later, their blueprint of punk spunk and explicit politics (sexual and otherwise) played a big role in the cultivation of the ’90s Riot Grrrl movement. Fast forward three decades: Smith and Lester […]

Unicorn Hard-On Talks INC 2013 and Learning “How to Squelch Without Getting Hurt”

Valerie Martino epitomizes the present-day dichotomy of the eclectic and experimental subset of music known simply as noise. Martino is a primary agitator in the scene’s gradual (and then exponential) embrace of electronic dance music spanning from cold wave and industrial to minimal techno and acid house. In fact, as Unicorn Hard-On, she was one […]

Haves & Thirds’ Todd Lynne Talks INC 2013 and Tampa Noise: “We Were Total Hermits”

Todd Lynne is a man who speaks softly, and carries a big stick. Only instead of a two-by-four or tree branch, Lynne wields a huge bag of noisy tricks. For more than a decade, he has been a devoted, prolific participant in and leader of Central and Gulf Coast Florida’s respective noise music scenes. He […]

Clang Quartet Talks INC 2013 and Harsh Christian Noise: “I Am a Follower of The Crucified and Resurrected Christ”

Noise music is riddled with freaks. Just like the circus, urban downtowns, and Ultra Music Festival right as the clock strikes fuck-a-tree-o’clock – this envelope pushing, challenging, and potentially full-of-shit genre is a straight up 24/7 weirdo convention. But out of all the beardos, hippies, art crusties, masked perverts, LARPers, Burning Man types, people from […]